maanantai 28. joulukuuta 2015

About Asian leaders

I am not sure if I got these characteristics right, but Asian leaders appear hard and soft at the same time. The soft maybe is good will toward the world at large and the hardness hardness toward themselves, but such is not a good option since if they recommend the same to others, meaning the nice things, the hard life comes along. They should be softer, with healthy kind of moral also toward themselves before they could recommend the same to others. But also then people and countries are different: what suits one does not always suit others, much less all others.

This is a different thing but as a kid I read the young teens' adventure books "Vinski ja Vinsentti" and "Koko kaupungin Vinski" and they seemed to teach the kind of fracrturelessness and wisdom of life that Asians, at least Japanese, often lack. I do not know if one can translate such books and get the same effect but it would be worth checking.

tiistai 15. joulukuuta 2015

About large unions of countries like EU

One of the main problems with the European Union is that it seeks to arrange things for the whole European Union area but the countries are different, so each kind of arrangement would need much variation from place to place. So it would be better to form a picture of what Europe means to one's own country and what are Europe's major needs and how to arrange those things, wahhat does it demand from the members. But in addition make arrangements that take into account the differencies. If rules are interpreted detailedly in one country and loosely in another, making a rule is not fair if one does not choose for each country a way of expressing them that gets those things arranged in just that culture and does not overrule common sense even locally. Even a large scale rough rule is better with an explanation than as a rule only. For a large area it would be better to express common philosophy, common values, common wisdom, common interests and common sense like objective thoughts about those subjects. And only for homogenous enough areas try to find common rules.
Maybe there is a misunderstanding because the union is to a large part economical. Maybe some think that economy runs the societies, even though it is so that the people arrange things for themselves, for their country and it's allies with the help of economy, it is a more complex landscape that creates economical things. One cannot just decide about figures and think that the rest will follow. One needs to start building the societies and the union already at grass roots level, in a common sense like democratic way.