lauantai 23. tammikuuta 2016

Jewish hat: who one listens to

I heard in the news that in some European country a Jewish teacher had been strongly critisised by the pupils who were non-Jewish, about the teacher wanting to wear a Jewish hat in school. I would agree with the pupils. As far as I know Jews value school and academical education overly much, to a degree which is not wise and which is very harmful for the quality of life and for the rights of individuals. So an overly pressuring teacher might want to wear a Jewish hat to show his extreme views. But wearing a such a hat is a question to which group one belongs to and whom one listens to. In school the teacher should belong to same group as the pupils, so as to listent o them, to make life good for them, to respoect their rights and their understanding, to heed their values, to be sensitive, to discuss with just them - and not only with some group not present, some group having strong unhuman views about education, some group not understanding that the teacher does not behave in civilized ways toward the students from another culture but with the ways of a stupid person who follows advices without regard for the true consequences, like a person who does not understand that other cultures have wisdom, that already the pupils have wisdom of another culture and an understanding of their own.

maanantai 18. tammikuuta 2016

About masses of immigrants in different countries

In Europe there are many new immigrants, say the news. I just saw in tv a part of a citizen group in Finland discussing new immigrants in their own area. That made me think of how immigrant problems are met different ways in different countries around the world and how that creates a large part of the ways in the countries.
One key is how arranged public discussions treat the subject, what ideas and views they seize, what answers they give and how skilled the people feel to be.
One major problem seemed to be lazy people stuck to habits with no sports ability being nervous about needing to aggressively defend the locals against gangs of foreign men. One suggested answer was secret police or calling police, but if one thinks that from the point of view of citizens seizing such answers, relying in them when they fear the unknown or something especially, that brings a police state like view,police state like dynamics, which have the problem of too much forcing, which is bad for rights of individuals and groups and not good for peace and harmony.
Often it is good if one has several strategies to rely on, so one can have police and secret service too but making too much emphazis on them is kind of clumsy because in reality you have all the people in the society living, discussing, feelings, reacting, forming bonds, learning about cultures and ways etc.
Typically in conflict it isn't good if you overdo it, and neither it is good if you underestimate your chances of affecting things. What is healthy in life in general is often good in conflict but not good if you are manipulated, spied or the like which is a problem to be treated and not just some side issue to be bypassed. The biggest matters in the socviety are typically what life is like to live in, what side effects and major effewcts things and choises have. It is good to discuss these human to human and in groups, read papers etc. And to choose wisely! Wise choise often defends but is liberal in allowing people space to live in.
Defending is good to have many tactics in the sma eytime. Like if you need to defend the community, you can discuss, you can be agile enough to defend your home, you can introduce ways that are good both for the locals and for the newcomers. You can tell about your country, since many things are often wise choises in the climate and geographical location of the culture, kind of unavoidable like the need for different professions.

keskiviikko 6. tammikuuta 2016

Nuclear bomb test

I just glanced the news and noticed that North Korea has made a
nuclear test of high caliber. That made me think of physicists who
plan such weapons. That is an area of objective thinking but hard work
which makes one wonder if they long for better life but see it far
away - too far for the whole globe? But according to the theory of
evolution humans are products of natural evolution which shaped us for
best capacity and shaped us to be satisfied with that kind of life, so
that happiness and best working condition are different sides of the
same kind of life, of natural healthy ways of living. For more in this
please see my free e-book .
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