lauantai 14. marraskuuta 2015

Asking for European advice

Often here in Europe it appears that foreigners associating with Europe would want an European view on something, on maybe solving their problems - or that they have problems and kind of complain why Europeans dont't as if it were unfair. To just about all those problems the answer is the usual European, like here in Finland "Live and let others live!", common sense and healthy ways of living, also democracy and objective thinking with a picture of the whole. See my blog about learning some of them. These answers are in style European. They are not in style like the problems, instead they have thought of the problems and found these European answers that produce a better more harmonious life, and even though these are different in style, they solve the problems and that is the reason for using them. And so it is with just about everything Europeans are asked advice for or explanation to.

perjantai 13. marraskuuta 2015

Naistenlehtiä luetaan väärin

Naistenlehtiä kirjoitetaan sekä nais- että mieslukijoita silmälläpitäen. Miehiin kiinnitetään erityisesti huomiota siksi, että he tuppaavat samaan ihan kummia väärinkäsityksiä eivätkä oikein ymmärrä, että naiset ovat erilaisia kuin miehet ja tarvitsevat erilaisen elämän ja erilaisen ulkonäön. Mieslukijoille kirjoitetaan perspektiivistä, tälläinen on nainen, ja naislukijoille perspektiivistä harrastelen näitä asioita. Mutta käytännössä käy niin, että nainen etsii lehdestä tukea sosiaaliselle lokerolleen, kun taas mies naistenlehdistä kiinnostuessaan tuumii, että naiset ovat ihan ok, harrastelenpa minäkin näitä naisten juttuja. Tuossa menee värin kanssa se, kuka harrastaa mihinkin tapaan. Mies ottaisi tavallisesti tarkkaan mallia ohjeesta, mutta nyt nojautuu yleiseen vapaa-ajanviettoon ja tuttuihin naisiin, kun taas nainen on kuullut naistenlehtien vinkkejä kehuttavan paljon ja niin kopioi niitä liian tarkkaan. Naistenlehtiä tietääkseni kirjoittavat toimittajat, siis varsin kirjallisesti suuntautuneet ihmiset, joiden elämä on vaismittapuulla lättänää, ja jos tuosta lättänyydestä saa vaikutteita, niin lähtee etsimään jotakin, mistä saisi taas langanpäästä kiinni hyvästä elämästä ja niin kenties kopioi naistenlehdiltä, vaikka oikeasti pitäisi satsata tervehenkisyyteen, tavalliseen arkeen omalla tavalla ja itse haikailtuun vaihteluun.

torstai 12. marraskuuta 2015

Tiny helicopters in Brazil

Brazil has lots of tiny helicopters. I wonder if that has anything to do with the claim that brazilians drink alcohol constantly. Poeple can bear some unusual pressure sometimes but not constantly if it isn't very wise in wisdom of life and healthy kind of influence to life, like the wildlife people can live with but not with overly much emphazis on build things, like helicopters for example.
Tiny helicopters can be used to spy and follow people. People can bear to be the center of attention sometimes but not always since all are different and the one spying typically isn't as wise as the others or he/she would not find it enjoyable and energy giving to follow the others. Always being bothered by some unwise persons or their views is horrible, especially if they use force or crimes. People being constantly drunk sounds like they did not bear something in the daily life, something needs much correction. Most could not stand helicopters possible armed ones or spyed by some enemy like persons, since from teh tiny helicopter you cannot see who spies you and so enemies like it more than friends.
The Amazon women warriors were in Brazil, I guess, so Brazilian men may be somewhat woman like and Brazilian women somewhat like men in other countires, just a guess. That means that one should compare them according to what they are like as persons and not according to foreign gender stereotypes.

Sweden caring for looks and reputation overly much

The Swedish have a view that to do well in something you should follow advices. That is ok if the advices are good and you are not skilled, experienced or moral. But as people get more age they grow up from their starting level and start to try to pay attention to a wider range of things. The Swedish think that you should say nicely and repeat valued things even if you do not believe in them. That stops communication to the real understanding of people but is somehow good if your level of understanding does not reach the level of the advices If people's real understanding is not communicated to, people do not learn new things as time goes, and so the answers that they invest in stay much more stupid than what they could be capable of. On the other hand if they are more stupid than the traditions' advices, then they still invest in the recommended answers and that brings some benefit.
Anyway, if pretending taht one is of a certain kind is enough, then that allows acting, even recommends it. In acting there is the drawback that people cannot see your real intentions and since acting takes room away from you to be yourself, often those who act want to cover their real intentions which are malicious or overly malicious. Acting for example helps to cover crimes like much too many murders of Swedes by foreigners who act Swedish. Acting also helps to cover a total lack of skill in what one does, which is dangerous in the goverment but in many other places too where decisions are made about the lives of Swedes.
A cure to this is to speak to the real understanding of the people and to develop that so that there is no such gap between outer looks and one's real self. For that one needs to develop one's social eye, which goes via good will, allowing happy ways and own experience of different kinds of life. For the intellect to develop, read my thinking course at . For peole to fit harmonically together in reality apply the Finnish rule "Live and let others live!" which you can find in my blog .
For to understand that good moral has it's value in the tough world, read the English text at .

Refugees arriving at Malta

At the southern border of Europe where refugees come from the sea to start a new life in Europe. There is the question how to fit the incoming refugees to be a part of the society at Malta or in Europe in the longer term. I do not know much about jews, but I think that the faraway picture of how jews live in European countries could maybe offer a solution to the refugee problem: valuing civilized ways and values, taking part in the working life, feeling about human relationships like the family and friends on a dinner, practising a religion quietly and neatly as a part of the society, winning prices in working life without gaining right to command others, behaving well, respecting art, feelings, wisdom and wisdom of life & moral. Kind of trying to learn to live as a citizen of EU civilizedly, constructively, friendlily and morally with rool for life.