lauantai 14. marraskuuta 2015

Asking for European advice

Often here in Europe it appears that foreigners associating with Europe would want an European view on something, on maybe solving their problems - or that they have problems and kind of complain why Europeans dont't as if it were unfair. To just about all those problems the answer is the usual European, like here in Finland "Live and let others live!", common sense and healthy ways of living, also democracy and objective thinking with a picture of the whole. See my blog about learning some of them. These answers are in style European. They are not in style like the problems, instead they have thought of the problems and found these European answers that produce a better more harmonious life, and even though these are different in style, they solve the problems and that is the reason for using them. And so it is with just about everything Europeans are asked advice for or explanation to.

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