torstai 12. marraskuuta 2015

Sweden caring for looks and reputation overly much

The Swedish have a view that to do well in something you should follow advices. That is ok if the advices are good and you are not skilled, experienced or moral. But as people get more age they grow up from their starting level and start to try to pay attention to a wider range of things. The Swedish think that you should say nicely and repeat valued things even if you do not believe in them. That stops communication to the real understanding of people but is somehow good if your level of understanding does not reach the level of the advices If people's real understanding is not communicated to, people do not learn new things as time goes, and so the answers that they invest in stay much more stupid than what they could be capable of. On the other hand if they are more stupid than the traditions' advices, then they still invest in the recommended answers and that brings some benefit.
Anyway, if pretending taht one is of a certain kind is enough, then that allows acting, even recommends it. In acting there is the drawback that people cannot see your real intentions and since acting takes room away from you to be yourself, often those who act want to cover their real intentions which are malicious or overly malicious. Acting for example helps to cover crimes like much too many murders of Swedes by foreigners who act Swedish. Acting also helps to cover a total lack of skill in what one does, which is dangerous in the goverment but in many other places too where decisions are made about the lives of Swedes.
A cure to this is to speak to the real understanding of the people and to develop that so that there is no such gap between outer looks and one's real self. For that one needs to develop one's social eye, which goes via good will, allowing happy ways and own experience of different kinds of life. For the intellect to develop, read my thinking course at . For peole to fit harmonically together in reality apply the Finnish rule "Live and let others live!" which you can find in my blog .
For to understand that good moral has it's value in the tough world, read the English text at .

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