torstai 12. marraskuuta 2015

Refugees arriving at Malta

At the southern border of Europe where refugees come from the sea to start a new life in Europe. There is the question how to fit the incoming refugees to be a part of the society at Malta or in Europe in the longer term. I do not know much about jews, but I think that the faraway picture of how jews live in European countries could maybe offer a solution to the refugee problem: valuing civilized ways and values, taking part in the working life, feeling about human relationships like the family and friends on a dinner, practising a religion quietly and neatly as a part of the society, winning prices in working life without gaining right to command others, behaving well, respecting art, feelings, wisdom and wisdom of life & moral. Kind of trying to learn to live as a citizen of EU civilizedly, constructively, friendlily and morally with rool for life.

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