perjantai 19. elokuuta 2016

Terrorism and a solution

I read from the news that there have been by far most terrorist acts in Near East & North Africa (Arabs) and in South Asia. In South Asia and Africa the attacks have targeted on civilians, which sounds like the bombers wanted to complain about some cultural characteristic, about some quite common opinion in the society, about what people in practise support and why, meaning that they support something unwise.
Other targets were classified army which sounds like something like war business, government which sounds like they were somehow to stiff and mistaken, some fault in the government, and then companies which sounds like they had international business which affected wrong way over cultural borders.
To all these, I guess the Finnish problem solving method referred by the nonliteral words "Live and let others öive" would help, see . It makes people's behavious acceptaböle, by setting borders to how much they can affect and by allowing people to live freely without disturbing others. So it could solve the cultuyral problems. If it would be accepted as the highest rule in government, it would make government acceptable if applied wisely and with wisdom of life. It also settles disputes between countires, so it could calm down military situations to more peaceful yet having armies. And it would set borders to international companies' behaviour, making them acceptable.

maanantai 8. elokuuta 2016

Suomalaisesta versus ulkomaalaisesta lähestymistavasta

kesäolympialaisia silloin tällöin telkusta katselen, tännän en vielä,
kun vasta heräsin. Kuuntelen radiosta jotakin poliittista asiaohjelmaa
ulkomaista suomalaistens uulla ja mietin, miten suhtautuu
positiivisuus negatiivisuuteen: brasilialainen on positiivinen ja
kovin taitava, onnistuva, muttei voi yhtä hyvin, kun taas suomalainen
on negatiivinen, mesoaa valittaen epäkohdista mutta jotenkin päätyy
tervehenkisempään oloon, vaikka kai jää taitamattomammaksi kuin
Brasilia. Eli oiskohan tuo tervehenkisyys ololle tärkeä ja

perjantai 5. elokuuta 2016

Atom bombs in Japan 1945

In the net news there was an old video filmed by the Russians right after the atom bombs in Hiroshima 6. August 1945 and Nagasaki 9th August 1945, it said: . There seemed to be pieces filmed by Russians, some Japanese woman and some Chinese. They did not seem worried about the destruction, they just thought so and so many killed and the Japanese woman was worried about the economical cost of ruining so many houses, especially a bank. But in the film there were destroyed factory of Mitsubishi and that had somehow very worrying looks, somehow wrong, wrong kind of work done, no wonder someone wanted to bomb it (thought the Japansese woman?), kind of calming, peaceful. So can it be that there was something wrong there in the work done and that still worries and not just the fact of a bomb killing?

What then would cure such dangers as atom bombs? Typically I have come to think that healthy ages old fracturelessness, like in Finland, would cure them to a large extend. I have tried to teach something of the Finnish culture at and maybe of that fractureless is the text about seasons, maybe, just maybe.

If the problem with the factory was either too hard working without enough freedom, see the book link and in Finnish about getting one's distant dearest dream job .  Or then too idiotic workers keeping too much pressure on things or commanding, for that see my thinking course and the advices in developing in intelligence at and in Finnish . About moral I have written at . Idiotic command other when they mistake the others as more stupid than they are, so inform polite people of the danger of misunderstanding if they lie politely. Also my Finnish languager pikakoulu blog might help in describing what intelligence is like.

Are the dates wrong? I remember 4th August and 6th August and year around the same.