lauantai 23. huhtikuuta 2016

Computer guided cars shouldn't be made

Cars driven by computer are dangerous. One can kidnap people with them and unmobilize them. Especially dangerous this is at times of war, especially at times of war covered with lies. I guess that Asians would be interested in such maneuvers. Especially stupid it is to change totally to computer aided cars, for example for environmental reasons. Manually working cars are by far the safest!

In the old times women were thought irrational and without a sense of space while men were good with maps and concretical observations and objective thinking. At those times men drove but women did not have a driver's lisence, they just sat without a proper sense of where they were going and a sense of distance, routes etc. Nowadays women too drive, almost all women have a driver's lisence in Finland and women also have a good clear head with good quality objective thinking, with no problem with maps and directions. In computer guided car all would be like passengers, so all would lose their objectively correct common sense. That is a major disaster, economically catastrophic tothe nation's economy.

torstai 21. huhtikuuta 2016

Finland is not like Sweden

There is a problem in Finland of foreigners thinking that Finland is like Sweden. It isn't. The Swedish are extremely imago oriented and do not care if things are rotten underneath, at least not if it is toward other nations, for example toward Finland. Finns are realism oriented and value honesty that does not allow any darker side sunderneath. The Swedish follow their culture robot like while Finns value freedom and moral, a grass-roots democracy according to the rule "Live and let otehrs live" which means roughly that one is allowed to be free and selfish like is positive for happy life, but not to mess with the lives of others, except fairly to prevent them from messing unfairly with the lives of others. Finns also value a lot each person's own objective understanding like common sense with a picture of the whole and honest fact communication about wisdom of life and about the workings of a society and about other subjects.

keskiviikko 6. huhtikuuta 2016

Total freedom is still easy to control

The Finnish rule "Live and let others live", see , means roughly that one is allowed to live freely and be selfish but not to disturb the lives of others (except fairly to prevent them from disturbing unfairly the lives of others). It gives the individuals in a society as much freedom as it is theoretically possible to give all fairly, i.e. one can live completely freely but not disturb the lives of others, which latter is needed for the freedom of others and for good life in the society.
Such almost total freedom may sound like a mess that is difficult to handle, but it aren't. If people can choose freely the main elements in their lives, they are satisfied with such life and not continually running away or making things in disguise. Typically people in the capital district of Finland where this rule was followed, had one job that they had chosen, that they happaned to like, so they always went to the same job and liked that. But those younger generation people who had not had the possibility to choose themselves, were constantly searching for new better alternatives. In addition the people had maybe two or three hobbies that they had chosen conpletely freely and not for some social reason, and so they liked their hobbies and spent free time in them or at home. In addition they did things generally considered good in the society, like going for a holiday trip countryside in the summer. Sometimes closest relationships in addition demanded them along to some hobby of their, like if they needed a car. But that is quite clearly it all, not difficult to handle. But those who did not follow the rule "Live and let others live" were more in arguments and caused more like a mess.