lauantai 23. huhtikuuta 2016

Computer guided cars shouldn't be made

Cars driven by computer are dangerous. One can kidnap people with them and unmobilize them. Especially dangerous this is at times of war, especially at times of war covered with lies. I guess that Asians would be interested in such maneuvers. Especially stupid it is to change totally to computer aided cars, for example for environmental reasons. Manually working cars are by far the safest!

In the old times women were thought irrational and without a sense of space while men were good with maps and concretical observations and objective thinking. At those times men drove but women did not have a driver's lisence, they just sat without a proper sense of where they were going and a sense of distance, routes etc. Nowadays women too drive, almost all women have a driver's lisence in Finland and women also have a good clear head with good quality objective thinking, with no problem with maps and directions. In computer guided car all would be like passengers, so all would lose their objectively correct common sense. That is a major disaster, economically catastrophic tothe nation's economy.

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