perjantai 15. heinäkuuta 2016

Robot busses are an idiotic idea

I read from the local newspaper that in Helsinki they will try a minibus without driver but with some person present just in case. Later on they would guide the car from a distance when needed. Just idiotic. A real driver can immediately react if there are any problems. Ordinary traffic rules demand that the driver must not do other things at the same time as driving or his/her reactions are too slow to prevent accidents. Just today in the new there was a lot about a lorry(?) in Nizza France having killed 84 by driving qith speed 2km on a crowded street. That is what all robot driven vehicöes can turn into. And if a computer driven car goes wrong way it is difficult to correct the error, much more difficult than in a car with a human driver. Besides a bus driver is doing his job: being active in a practical task with senses open, social and with an understanding of where he drives, where he is going to and what it is like in the bus for the passengers: a bus driver creates a good way to travel, prevents fights and crimes in the bus, helps people find their way and learn local customs.

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