tiistai 19. joulukuuta 2017

Unions of countries

to Belgium, October 2017

"I saw the Eurovision song of Belgium this year and it was kind of
tough, reminding me of autumn skills. I came to think of it when I
visited your radio channel in the net. I wonder if in Belgium there
would be any use of my calculations about the beneficiality of moral
and feelings: http://2013paradise.blogspot.fi/2017/08/basics-of-my-paradise-theory.html
. Listening to the music now, reminds me of thinking that politicians
in Brussels from many EU countries as if they were similar, in level,
in skills, in views, well, they are not, not even ones from one
country, politics in Graace is different from discussions here in
Finland, all have different education, all are people of somehow high
caliber I believe, putting them to technical view makes the whole
stuck, instead one should see the ideals, follow them in one wide
landscape like picture, whatever the skill level of each politician or
you is in them, like a group of people visiting the same shop for
different things to buy. Often problems are the shadow that your
tactic causes. Foreign problems could go very far by but be of worth
noticing for those from foreign continents themselves. Communication
to others is important, but not always communication very much about
yourself. Peaceful landscape should be the viewpoint, not the
dynamics,instead communication, learning finding what one needs,
making friends in like-mined, finding valuable lessons in life,
building a world that is better live in, just natural goal for many,
like-minded for the lazying I guess."

lauantai 7. lokakuuta 2017

Picture of the world

Living now in Savo and following the news makes me notice different things than living in the capital district. Most of all I notice that all foreigners have not gone to school at all. They do not have any experience in rational discussions, fact orientedness and the like. So when they travelt o Finland or sássociate with Finns abroad, they do not follow the slightest Finnish common sense. Most of all they do not do things in healthy ways, at least not in the Finnish sense. So they may mimic copy the looks of someone skilled without any understanding that one would need those skills. Yet they have experience of life with which to lead discussions by lies. So they may also murder masses of people, so numerous tat it makes no sense.
Living in Savo, i have the impression that one who murder one person a day looks dark, kind of blackkish atmosphere, which maybe would reasult in typical African looks if one would murder a few a day, and typical very black technical looking army man maybe a hundred a day. Thee numbers are enermous. If one for example would have a tribe of cannibal with ten kids in each family, they could murder only 4 persons each in their lifetime, for the population to stay the same. So murdering so many a day is possible only where people travel, for example on border areas. So the people in tropics we see must be murderers from border areas. Or then their intention is to kill all Whites or the like, in a few years.
But that aren't the worst. Metal colour atmosphere is technical, piss colour is torture oriented and shit colour is doing evil, walking over the rights of others.

torstai 5. lokakuuta 2017

European wisdom of how to handle systems and what objectivity is like

I saw a news header that a huge Asian railway company seeks some part of Swedish and even Finnish railways, kind of inclined toward taking them all. That would be an enermous error at least in Finland. Finnish have much wisdom of how to handle systems, we are both organiuzed and individualistic. Our railroad work comfortably, remind of a holiday countryside when one can do thing in one's own rythms and load energy for the rest of the year. Asian ways do not bring any of that. Instead Asians seem enermously stuck, systems coverning, people squeezed and irresponsible, causoing harm to others. So Asians running Finnish railways would be just disastrous for handling systemns and for getting room for life. Trains are often a symbol for systems, especially in the eyes of men. Asians deciding about Finnish railways would be disastrous for the intelligence of men's thinking and men's wisdom of life, since they often copy from such practical examples - one should copy from the wise ways and not from the disasters we want toi avoid.

lauantai 9. syyskuuta 2017

Not-so-wise ragulations and the characteristics of Arabs

I read from somewhere that in the regulations of countries very much with Islam there is a strict rule that oen should be faitfulto one's spouce. It came tomy mind that is that from where the characteristics of Arabs come from? Usually when one finds a pair that one lives and gets well along with, one tries to cultivate the relationsip and tries naturally to be fautful. But if a relationsip dfoes not work out all right,one needs moredistance since the other one is nasty or unfair.
Such relatiosn of groups and of countires are handled by allowing different personalities with different strenghts in the groups,so that if the relationships do not workout in the old ways, some other memebers of the groups maybe can handle the new situation, the new kind of relations with their skills and character. Often it means a different social distance, a different way of communicating, diferent types of connections,different areas of life with their civilized view as the base of getting along.
But individuals need more space to get along. If there is the rule that oen ought to be fautful, one tries to fullfill it by artificial arrangements. But soon one gets tired of the artificial arrangements and so only a technical rule is left.
For getting well along, the rule"Live and let others live!" is good for that, see my blog http://Finnishskills.blogspot.fi . It does not demand notkilling, it is just some words referring to a rule of behaviour that solves lots of difficult situations.

tiistai 5. syyskuuta 2017

Does jail system work out at all?

In the local newspaper there was something about "open jail" on a near-by village. I remember earlier reading that the prisoners there liked metal work etc. Now I can't help wondering that if they like metal work and other things suited for crimes, are they planning revenge or figting or the like since they are in a conflict still, feel mistreated? At the same time that picture is a clishee like picture of prisoners: always eager to engage in criminal activities and practising for some theft or the like. But that pictrure is mistaken: those are activities that an angry person wants to take part in since she/he is in conflict just at that moment with some other persons. So it seems unlikely that a person would cure his/her bad habits by going to prison. It also seems unlikely that prison would solve problems if it brings such a continuous anger and a conflict with the society. Many other crimes too seem like conflicts of individuals with other individuals who may belong to some group(s), instead of as criminal kind of activity in itself.
There is also another type of crimes: not caring at all about the rights of some group of people, for example Africans being rasist toward Europeans or artists toward their admirers. There are also crimes based on notliking the style of some group and having as a hobby bullying them. Then there are the errors caused by not so healthy ways of living or lazy habits or being stuck to some kind of life but situations needing different strenghts. And the crimes of supporting some group because of lack of social eye or lackof possibilities for such life of one's own.
Solving the first type of crimes, conflict and anger, demands recognizing right the maiun features of the situation, so it demands also describing the individuals and groups. The rasist crimes also demand recognizing right the skill level, values and lackof responsibilit of the criminals. The bullying type of crimes demand more distance between the criminala nd victim, which means that it should be a crime to suggest that they are close or that they should copy personally from the other group, for example if their father says so orsome male pal. One should find roads for recovering fromlackof healthy ways of living to much better ways of living without it being some kind of laborous self-discipline typical froyoung person's school like work attitude. One should alsocultivate several different typesa of skills and reaching for high enough skill level to suit the demands of situations. One should be more honest in describing how the lives of different groups differ, howlittle they have our obligations. One should also protect the rights of ordinary individuals to highly valued hobbies like arts etc.

tiistai 22. elokuuta 2017

About killings on public places

In the news here in Finland there is lots of knife attacks in Turku. Some pictures show people who look like actors as passers by and many people involved appear African, Asian or the like. So is the question what to do with such happenings in their own countries? First of all, all do not want to remove such crimes. If there is some unseen big crime, some want things like that better at sight, in public places. Also if some think in clumsy ways, tey end up in lots of collisions with others, and so they think that real rationality and realism demand roughly such a number of conflicts. So in Africa people like conflicts more and in Europe with the tendency to follow complex society structure all the time in everything, there isn't such clumsiness in views and so people are satisfied with more finely tuned cooperation in society. If one wants to cure those African problems away, one should value the sense of sight, kind of laying groundwork for better understanding, for a landscape like view.
What then would be such unseen crime in Finland. There are the foreigners, many of whom are ina continuous flu and with a very negative mind because of the cold. Some may even be cannibas because the nearly arctic climate does not go well by food only. Then there are professions like medicare, psychology, school etc where there are as workers foreigners who havenät gone to school in Finnish amounts, and so those jobs go ashtray. Also the lack of schooling of adults forces children to school even if the children had a good enough head to study better on their own, which is a crime since Finnish children often have good heads.

If one wants to learn Finnish cultural wisdom that would be useful also in other countries, one should read my blog http://Finnishskills.blogspot.fi , especially the points marked important in the header, but if in cool or cold  climate, then also the parts about Finnish climate which also somehow explain the national character, are a reason for it.

sunnuntai 20. elokuuta 2017

Square or a ball

Some people think that square forms connect to objective thinking, while round forms not. But that is not so. Those impressions come mainly from social style. One following rules is like following some line or square forms, while a successfull skilled person typically has round satisfied forms. These are two different skil levels. Round is difficult also if you mix it with some food, especially if the food isn't especially well made. Well made food refers to skills in a way and can affect one's being toward better for action and more healthy, which is already in the direction of skills. But round where it typically connects with skills is like in the curves of the branches of bushes and trees or in a twinding path: fromone situation you see clearly how it develps to a new one, even if it is a complex thing to conceive. With high skillone alsonotices motivational factors and how feelings connect to them,so slight curves, sometimes bigger ones too, are typical to the rythms of action perceived with all one's perception ability,also social eye, atmospheres, sight, movement, etc
A ball is along the same direction as round forms but a different things, since it is a fixed shape that often comes because some nations have a ball in their flag, kind of piece of the vocabulary there and symbolizes propably many valuable things. A ball is different also in it's unifiedness, in a way it is a model of a healthy strong whole which is also healthily according to feelings and happy. So it is a basic model of how things should be, but the grounds are complex and demand for example an understanding of the nature of health and naturality and of how feelings connect to those. It also comes better via understanding several size classes and not just oen at a time.
From the usefulness of round forms it is clear that too fixed rythms like in strainght lines or too arupt changes of phase like in square forms are not good for action and not good for thinking either, do not bring as much understanding. On the other hand square forms are handy in building, since one can lay square blocks of different sizes and materials next to eaxh other and get an unified structure, for example a house. But in building work it is also so that buildings are meant for certain use, so the comfortable spaces as sensed are a good model of how to build and not some measures in centimeters or so.

sunnuntai 6. elokuuta 2017

About real media professionals

In the local newspaper Itä-Savo of Savonlinna town where I live, there was today a 3 page article of an Elvis fan and fine pictures of his room which was museo like, Elvius pictures on walls, really magnifient looking and atmosheric, full of feeling, and a large tv with Elvis video playing in it, really finely kept and the man looking as if it were his big dream. Kind of warmed the heart to see such big dreams. But I only later came to think that in the 1990's when I used to listent o the radio a lot, I was in the capital then, the radio dj's etc were music fans of such a caliber, so convinced of music that they played  in their radio programs. So they were with their whole way of life finding a way for the radio audience to find such marvels in music too. They with their enthusiasm and expert knowledge about music building a road for the music to be a very beneficial part of the daily lives. Likewise of other types of radio programs, the people making them must have been living such lives, being able to inrtoduce them to many kinds of radio listeners, build a road for them too having such things in their lives, like a hobby teacher does in a hobby group. But later as I have listened same kind of radio stations, there have been much less good speakers and dj's in them, kind of thinking that I can this job, so I will do it, so they play just some music, demanding the music to carry their program and not as if they had any insight why such music exists, how it lifts the day, much less having such insight in a positive way for large audiences. And some speakers sound like actors, not making a road to having those things in life, merely making a disguise for not the right persons being there in the radio, and such is disastrous for the usefullness of radio programs to their listeners. Fpreigners thinking such things of media, can it be that in many foreign countries they make the same errors as quite many radio stations in Finland/Savonlinna area nowadays?

lauantai 22. heinäkuuta 2017

Avoiding traffic accidents in the tropics

It is now July and the hottest month of the year in Finland. I saw today some roadside advertisements in town area about traffic accidents in the world. The persons in the pictures looked very foreign, maybe from Cribia, and very borne to accidents, kind of attention lacking and too stuck ways without regard for their limitations. It is said that there are lots of accidents in the tropics. I guess that there are big differencies between countries and between areas in the tropics too about how much accidents they cause. For example Brasilians, some Arabs and Indians appear skilled: could one pick such peole to advertisements about traffic safety?

perjantai 7. heinäkuuta 2017

"I do not know for sure"


I do not know for sure

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Kaisa Hannele Tervola

7. heinäkuuta 2017 klo 20.57
Vast.ott.: dmitry.sudakov@pravda.ru
North Korean nuclear missile threath scares me and on the other hand
makes me remember my 2 years 4 months younger little brother who was
kind of North Korean in style. Mostly I had problems with him managing
to boss my parents to force me to engineering while I would have been
interested in arts, agriculture and if needed tobe academical maybe
ecology and philosophy. But when I was maybe 12 and he 9 or 10, things
seemed to find peaceful roads: him having a future work as an engineer
and a microcomputer to practise programming with, and in such a good
agreed about mens' work that is agreed about in the society. I wonder
if North Koreans would be satisfied with similar arrangement: often in
connection with North Korea mentioning their technical university or
something on that direction, and finding a place for them in the world
based on that branch's ordinary work, not military, not sabotaging,
but man like, men's job, men's ordinary life, men to disscuss with and
engineer men to have as colleages, as the group that one is alike
with, even though noticing cultural differencies according to common
Well, but I do not know for sure.
Regards from Finland, originally from Helsinki


tiistai 4. heinäkuuta 2017


In the internet news today there was told that North Korea claims tp have launched a missile that can reach USA. What would hapen then? Where would it land?
Each nation typically values it's own ways, skills, values and the like. So heir citizens keep contact to similar places abroad, consider just them noteworthy and they tend to enjoy travelling and living there. So they get lots of coordinates for such places. While at very different kinds of places they feel lost, unable to estimate situations, things, things said, people's behaviours, importancies, reasons, etc, so that they are likely to end up without sure coordinates for such places and maybe even without an idea of how importantthose places are and in which respects and why. So if in their country at wartime they have some sure coordinates of places but distrust those who liked to travel or live there, and when they attack, they have enemies of that country in power, so they did not have the place as a hobby or they would be suspected, so they just attack some sure place and so they attack just the places most in harmony with their own country's culture and ways. So maybe a missle from North Korea would go to Nebraska or whatever the place they coinsider noteworthy and convincing, important for usa.
Likewise if Finns would have coordinates, those would be mainly of national parks and the like: places worth visiting and not the too high houses of New York. So I guess a better alternative would be to send flowers to the like-minded abroad. Finns always are interested in American indians' traditional ways. I guess those are places to ally with, and not the same picture of USA for all the world's cultures.

maanantai 6. maaliskuuta 2017

Who is in the media

Often the average person does best since everything is well suited for him/her, while the stupid or evil does worse even though he/she appears to do better than his/her skills would give chance to, and the most skilled and moral appear not sto succeed in life. Some think that one should get influence from the happy, but the happy are usually satisfied with their life as it is, with no wish to change just about anything life brings to them, they just happened to be in the right place for them, so one does not learn life skills from them, and one does not learn intelligence either, since the stupid are often most satisfied with the arrangements around. But if one would take influence from the most skilled who are not so satisfied with life, one would learn skills with which to change one'äs life toward much better. And the moral ones tend to understand the workings of a society well, being able to guide their lives with their skills.
In the 90's there were beautiful pop songs in the radio and I used to listent o them, and I learned a lot about life in those times. Nowadays the radio songs have sounded like someone evil sung them, and it has all the time appeared that there are no life skills that one could learn from them, just lousy life, so I often just shut the radio. How much better things would go for all if in the media were those with life skills and skills of running the society well.