tiistai 19. joulukuuta 2017

Unions of countries

to Belgium, October 2017

"I saw the Eurovision song of Belgium this year and it was kind of
tough, reminding me of autumn skills. I came to think of it when I
visited your radio channel in the net. I wonder if in Belgium there
would be any use of my calculations about the beneficiality of moral
and feelings: http://2013paradise.blogspot.fi/2017/08/basics-of-my-paradise-theory.html
. Listening to the music now, reminds me of thinking that politicians
in Brussels from many EU countries as if they were similar, in level,
in skills, in views, well, they are not, not even ones from one
country, politics in Graace is different from discussions here in
Finland, all have different education, all are people of somehow high
caliber I believe, putting them to technical view makes the whole
stuck, instead one should see the ideals, follow them in one wide
landscape like picture, whatever the skill level of each politician or
you is in them, like a group of people visiting the same shop for
different things to buy. Often problems are the shadow that your
tactic causes. Foreign problems could go very far by but be of worth
noticing for those from foreign continents themselves. Communication
to others is important, but not always communication very much about
yourself. Peaceful landscape should be the viewpoint, not the
dynamics,instead communication, learning finding what one needs,
making friends in like-mined, finding valuable lessons in life,
building a world that is better live in, just natural goal for many,
like-minded for the lazying I guess."

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