lauantai 7. lokakuuta 2017

Picture of the world

Living now in Savo and following the news makes me notice different things than living in the capital district. Most of all I notice that all foreigners have not gone to school at all. They do not have any experience in rational discussions, fact orientedness and the like. So when they travelt o Finland or sássociate with Finns abroad, they do not follow the slightest Finnish common sense. Most of all they do not do things in healthy ways, at least not in the Finnish sense. So they may mimic copy the looks of someone skilled without any understanding that one would need those skills. Yet they have experience of life with which to lead discussions by lies. So they may also murder masses of people, so numerous tat it makes no sense.
Living in Savo, i have the impression that one who murder one person a day looks dark, kind of blackkish atmosphere, which maybe would reasult in typical African looks if one would murder a few a day, and typical very black technical looking army man maybe a hundred a day. Thee numbers are enermous. If one for example would have a tribe of cannibal with ten kids in each family, they could murder only 4 persons each in their lifetime, for the population to stay the same. So murdering so many a day is possible only where people travel, for example on border areas. So the people in tropics we see must be murderers from border areas. Or then their intention is to kill all Whites or the like, in a few years.
But that aren't the worst. Metal colour atmosphere is technical, piss colour is torture oriented and shit colour is doing evil, walking over the rights of others.

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