torstai 5. lokakuuta 2017

European wisdom of how to handle systems and what objectivity is like

I saw a news header that a huge Asian railway company seeks some part of Swedish and even Finnish railways, kind of inclined toward taking them all. That would be an enermous error at least in Finland. Finnish have much wisdom of how to handle systems, we are both organiuzed and individualistic. Our railroad work comfortably, remind of a holiday countryside when one can do thing in one's own rythms and load energy for the rest of the year. Asian ways do not bring any of that. Instead Asians seem enermously stuck, systems coverning, people squeezed and irresponsible, causoing harm to others. So Asians running Finnish railways would be just disastrous for handling systemns and for getting room for life. Trains are often a symbol for systems, especially in the eyes of men. Asians deciding about Finnish railways would be disastrous for the intelligence of men's thinking and men's wisdom of life, since they often copy from such practical examples - one should copy from the wise ways and not from the disasters we want toi avoid.

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