lauantai 9. syyskuuta 2017

Not-so-wise ragulations and the characteristics of Arabs

I read from somewhere that in the regulations of countries very much with Islam there is a strict rule that oen should be faitfulto one's spouce. It came tomy mind that is that from where the characteristics of Arabs come from? Usually when one finds a pair that one lives and gets well along with, one tries to cultivate the relationsip and tries naturally to be fautful. But if a relationsip dfoes not work out all right,one needs moredistance since the other one is nasty or unfair.
Such relatiosn of groups and of countires are handled by allowing different personalities with different strenghts in the groups,so that if the relationships do not workout in the old ways, some other memebers of the groups maybe can handle the new situation, the new kind of relations with their skills and character. Often it means a different social distance, a different way of communicating, diferent types of connections,different areas of life with their civilized view as the base of getting along.
But individuals need more space to get along. If there is the rule that oen ought to be fautful, one tries to fullfill it by artificial arrangements. But soon one gets tired of the artificial arrangements and so only a technical rule is left.
For getting well along, the rule"Live and let others live!" is good for that, see my blog . It does not demand notkilling, it is just some words referring to a rule of behaviour that solves lots of difficult situations.

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