tiistai 5. syyskuuta 2017

Does jail system work out at all?

In the local newspaper there was something about "open jail" on a near-by village. I remember earlier reading that the prisoners there liked metal work etc. Now I can't help wondering that if they like metal work and other things suited for crimes, are they planning revenge or figting or the like since they are in a conflict still, feel mistreated? At the same time that picture is a clishee like picture of prisoners: always eager to engage in criminal activities and practising for some theft or the like. But that pictrure is mistaken: those are activities that an angry person wants to take part in since she/he is in conflict just at that moment with some other persons. So it seems unlikely that a person would cure his/her bad habits by going to prison. It also seems unlikely that prison would solve problems if it brings such a continuous anger and a conflict with the society. Many other crimes too seem like conflicts of individuals with other individuals who may belong to some group(s), instead of as criminal kind of activity in itself.
There is also another type of crimes: not caring at all about the rights of some group of people, for example Africans being rasist toward Europeans or artists toward their admirers. There are also crimes based on notliking the style of some group and having as a hobby bullying them. Then there are the errors caused by not so healthy ways of living or lazy habits or being stuck to some kind of life but situations needing different strenghts. And the crimes of supporting some group because of lack of social eye or lackof possibilities for such life of one's own.
Solving the first type of crimes, conflict and anger, demands recognizing right the maiun features of the situation, so it demands also describing the individuals and groups. The rasist crimes also demand recognizing right the skill level, values and lackof responsibilit of the criminals. The bullying type of crimes demand more distance between the criminala nd victim, which means that it should be a crime to suggest that they are close or that they should copy personally from the other group, for example if their father says so orsome male pal. One should find roads for recovering fromlackof healthy ways of living to much better ways of living without it being some kind of laborous self-discipline typical froyoung person's school like work attitude. One should alsocultivate several different typesa of skills and reaching for high enough skill level to suit the demands of situations. One should be more honest in describing how the lives of different groups differ, howlittle they have our obligations. One should also protect the rights of ordinary individuals to highly valued hobbies like arts etc.

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