tiistai 22. elokuuta 2017

About killings on public places

In the news here in Finland there is lots of knife attacks in Turku. Some pictures show people who look like actors as passers by and many people involved appear African, Asian or the like. So is the question what to do with such happenings in their own countries? First of all, all do not want to remove such crimes. If there is some unseen big crime, some want things like that better at sight, in public places. Also if some think in clumsy ways, tey end up in lots of collisions with others, and so they think that real rationality and realism demand roughly such a number of conflicts. So in Africa people like conflicts more and in Europe with the tendency to follow complex society structure all the time in everything, there isn't such clumsiness in views and so people are satisfied with more finely tuned cooperation in society. If one wants to cure those African problems away, one should value the sense of sight, kind of laying groundwork for better understanding, for a landscape like view.
What then would be such unseen crime in Finland. There are the foreigners, many of whom are ina continuous flu and with a very negative mind because of the cold. Some may even be cannibas because the nearly arctic climate does not go well by food only. Then there are professions like medicare, psychology, school etc where there are as workers foreigners who havenät gone to school in Finnish amounts, and so those jobs go ashtray. Also the lack of schooling of adults forces children to school even if the children had a good enough head to study better on their own, which is a crime since Finnish children often have good heads.

If one wants to learn Finnish cultural wisdom that would be useful also in other countries, one should read my blog http://Finnishskills.blogspot.fi , especially the points marked important in the header, but if in cool or cold  climate, then also the parts about Finnish climate which also somehow explain the national character, are a reason for it.

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