sunnuntai 6. elokuuta 2017

About real media professionals

In the local newspaper Itä-Savo of Savonlinna town where I live, there was today a 3 page article of an Elvis fan and fine pictures of his room which was museo like, Elvius pictures on walls, really magnifient looking and atmosheric, full of feeling, and a large tv with Elvis video playing in it, really finely kept and the man looking as if it were his big dream. Kind of warmed the heart to see such big dreams. But I only later came to think that in the 1990's when I used to listent o the radio a lot, I was in the capital then, the radio dj's etc were music fans of such a caliber, so convinced of music that they played  in their radio programs. So they were with their whole way of life finding a way for the radio audience to find such marvels in music too. They with their enthusiasm and expert knowledge about music building a road for the music to be a very beneficial part of the daily lives. Likewise of other types of radio programs, the people making them must have been living such lives, being able to inrtoduce them to many kinds of radio listeners, build a road for them too having such things in their lives, like a hobby teacher does in a hobby group. But later as I have listened same kind of radio stations, there have been much less good speakers and dj's in them, kind of thinking that I can this job, so I will do it, so they play just some music, demanding the music to carry their program and not as if they had any insight why such music exists, how it lifts the day, much less having such insight in a positive way for large audiences. And some speakers sound like actors, not making a road to having those things in life, merely making a disguise for not the right persons being there in the radio, and such is disastrous for the usefullness of radio programs to their listeners. Fpreigners thinking such things of media, can it be that in many foreign countries they make the same errors as quite many radio stations in Finland/Savonlinna area nowadays?

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