tiistai 4. heinäkuuta 2017


In the internet news today there was told that North Korea claims tp have launched a missile that can reach USA. What would hapen then? Where would it land?
Each nation typically values it's own ways, skills, values and the like. So heir citizens keep contact to similar places abroad, consider just them noteworthy and they tend to enjoy travelling and living there. So they get lots of coordinates for such places. While at very different kinds of places they feel lost, unable to estimate situations, things, things said, people's behaviours, importancies, reasons, etc, so that they are likely to end up without sure coordinates for such places and maybe even without an idea of how importantthose places are and in which respects and why. So if in their country at wartime they have some sure coordinates of places but distrust those who liked to travel or live there, and when they attack, they have enemies of that country in power, so they did not have the place as a hobby or they would be suspected, so they just attack some sure place and so they attack just the places most in harmony with their own country's culture and ways. So maybe a missle from North Korea would go to Nebraska or whatever the place they coinsider noteworthy and convincing, important for usa.
Likewise if Finns would have coordinates, those would be mainly of national parks and the like: places worth visiting and not the too high houses of New York. So I guess a better alternative would be to send flowers to the like-minded abroad. Finns always are interested in American indians' traditional ways. I guess those are places to ally with, and not the same picture of USA for all the world's cultures.

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