torstai 21. huhtikuuta 2016

Finland is not like Sweden

There is a problem in Finland of foreigners thinking that Finland is like Sweden. It isn't. The Swedish are extremely imago oriented and do not care if things are rotten underneath, at least not if it is toward other nations, for example toward Finland. Finns are realism oriented and value honesty that does not allow any darker side sunderneath. The Swedish follow their culture robot like while Finns value freedom and moral, a grass-roots democracy according to the rule "Live and let otehrs live" which means roughly that one is allowed to be free and selfish like is positive for happy life, but not to mess with the lives of others, except fairly to prevent them from messing unfairly with the lives of others. Finns also value a lot each person's own objective understanding like common sense with a picture of the whole and honest fact communication about wisdom of life and about the workings of a society and about other subjects.

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