torstai 12. marraskuuta 2015

Tiny helicopters in Brazil

Brazil has lots of tiny helicopters. I wonder if that has anything to do with the claim that brazilians drink alcohol constantly. Poeple can bear some unusual pressure sometimes but not constantly if it isn't very wise in wisdom of life and healthy kind of influence to life, like the wildlife people can live with but not with overly much emphazis on build things, like helicopters for example.
Tiny helicopters can be used to spy and follow people. People can bear to be the center of attention sometimes but not always since all are different and the one spying typically isn't as wise as the others or he/she would not find it enjoyable and energy giving to follow the others. Always being bothered by some unwise persons or their views is horrible, especially if they use force or crimes. People being constantly drunk sounds like they did not bear something in the daily life, something needs much correction. Most could not stand helicopters possible armed ones or spyed by some enemy like persons, since from teh tiny helicopter you cannot see who spies you and so enemies like it more than friends.
The Amazon women warriors were in Brazil, I guess, so Brazilian men may be somewhat woman like and Brazilian women somewhat like men in other countires, just a guess. That means that one should compare them according to what they are like as persons and not according to foreign gender stereotypes.

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