lauantai 23. tammikuuta 2016

Jewish hat: who one listens to

I heard in the news that in some European country a Jewish teacher had been strongly critisised by the pupils who were non-Jewish, about the teacher wanting to wear a Jewish hat in school. I would agree with the pupils. As far as I know Jews value school and academical education overly much, to a degree which is not wise and which is very harmful for the quality of life and for the rights of individuals. So an overly pressuring teacher might want to wear a Jewish hat to show his extreme views. But wearing a such a hat is a question to which group one belongs to and whom one listens to. In school the teacher should belong to same group as the pupils, so as to listent o them, to make life good for them, to respoect their rights and their understanding, to heed their values, to be sensitive, to discuss with just them - and not only with some group not present, some group having strong unhuman views about education, some group not understanding that the teacher does not behave in civilized ways toward the students from another culture but with the ways of a stupid person who follows advices without regard for the true consequences, like a person who does not understand that other cultures have wisdom, that already the pupils have wisdom of another culture and an understanding of their own.

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