maanantai 12. syyskuuta 2016

World trade center towers attacks in USA 15 years ago

15 years ago airoplanes collided with the World trade cebter twin towers in usa on 11th of September.
I haven't reacted so much to that news, I do not know much about it.
But I read that there must have been bombs planted in the buildings for them to collapse like that. That sounds like a suicide. The reason would have been unbearable working conditions, too much working time and too little free time according to likings. I have tried to cure such: and especially the book there, and in Finnish , maybe also .
There were several towers. Twin towers would have been an interest for gays, so there is much more likely to be problems with unbearable working conditions there. And a some kind of increased tendency for confliucts somewhat like warring.

I have not felt my sevurity so much shattered by that, because I feel that with civilized ways dominant and not so much social eye, people from other cultures with less moral can more easily enter the country, since they do not get shot, so with a country with some foreign sabotagers around and with a mixture of cultural backgrounds giving different strategies of life, which at least part of the time want to compete and some do not do it so wisely, there ought to be some sabotagers available at the area. So if someone more civilized wants helpers in a task like that, maybe it goes quite easily, and the civlized one would understand the workings of the place. So having groups that are integrated strongly with the society dissatisfied may cause such even if they themselves do not bomb anyone.
About intergrating immigrants, maybe my blog could help, also in usa.

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