perjantai 28. lokakuuta 2016

Relatives are too different for the same job

There was this unheard of piece of news that a new minister is going to supervise a ministry in which his sister has been working for tens of years and is a big boss. "For 50 years she has been bossing me, now I am going to boss her.", said the new minister.
If you go to some place and ask the road, maybe 1/3 or 1/5 of the passers by are such somehow that you would ask just them, and get a good enough answer. Yet that is your idea of meeting just about anybody without some piucking of a certain group. And the place that you were in was somehow connected to what your kind of persons might visit. So you are in fact associating with an even more narrow group. Likewise most of your aquantages value some certain professions, have thie r ways, style, certain values, way of being social, belonging to the society and groups.
But your sister or brother was not chosen that way at all. Ahe/he is along for other reasons, because of being relatives, so she/he is furthest away from what you and your environment is like. So when you are clishee like considered socially close and alike, you on the other hand tend to question her/his choises and ways and on the other hand try to pick points in those areas of life that she/he is interested in but you aren't, which often leads to trying to erase those things from the list of valued things in life and in the world and trying to erase that person's influence too and her/his place in the world.
So if yoru sister/brother has been sincerely interested in some area of life for tens of yoears and working on it too good quality, bossing you too, it is no plcae for you to try to pick points and dominate on those areas of life too, for example in her/his work. Just let different types of people live their lives in their righteous places in the world and just keep distance, more distance than to anyone else you know.

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