keskiviikko 30. marraskuuta 2016

Different tasks should be kept separate

I have heard impossible sounding news that the post would also take care of fallen leaves in gardens, maybe even of watering flowers in homes. Formerly post only delivered ordinary post and early morning newspapers on some areas. Now there has been news also that post would stop coming 5 days a week, which must be a consequence of it taking wring tasks - like in Africa or where? Today there was an even more absurd piece of news about the post: it said that some woman from the post would take an old man for a walk after he had had a medical operation. Well, that is clearly different from delivering post!
Maybe in some countries postmen are considered very trustworthy while others are not, so they kind of lay all kinds of burdens on the postmen. But one shouldn't do so at all. Post is important, it brings safety because it is an outsider, a very neutral and morally ok person passing by, without stopping, without messing with local affairs, without being possible to confuse a criminal with post. All these changes make post like a criminal from the worse end of the spctrum. So these tasks should not be classified as postmen but as the major influence that they give possibility to. Like walking with an old man is different from claiming that he should go to surgery and that one has the medical eye to claim so, is not postman, it is a nurse from the hospital taking an old man for a walk. Or then it is some private medical service that has been oblidghed to not to interfere with whether one goes to medicare or not, while the old man himself has the freedom to choose according to his wishes, but it is not post. Post lurking around is not ok, gardener taking care of garden is ok if there are no other obscure businesses and it has been agreed with those who live there. Watering flowers belongs to trustworthy neighbours, or one can give the flowers for someone to care during holiday, or keep them in the garden in half-shadow and rain.

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